Developing business by leveraging a proven experience and know-how as system pioneers in the LP gas industry

“Super PGS” enables customization that meets customer needs

Super PGS (Super Personal Gas System)

Super PGS is a total management system for LP gas providers that can be connected with various other systems.

Super TOMS (Super Total Online Meter System)

Super TOMS started automatic meter reading from a conventional telephone line.
Super TOMS is evolving into a centralized monitoring system with a new telecommunications network using Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) technology, which is helping to pioneer the IoT.

Payment collection agency services

Our payment collection agency service menu enables a variety of settlement methods such as bank transfer, payment at convenience store and credit car

“ing solutions” supporting customers' problem resolution

Smile Spa System (SSS)

We help enhance and standardize services for hot spring bathing facilities to realize both CS and ES at the same time. The new POS system has been specially designed for hot spring bathing facilities to drive continuous evolution.

Smile Eisei System (SES)

We provide total support for the operational processes and maintenance/inspection processes of septic tank operators. This business management system leverages know-how accumulated in the LP gas sector, from invoice issuance to payment collection.

Website production/management

Don't you forget about number of customer traffic to your website, while you are satisfied with the set up of website? It is possible to boost traffic to website through SEO-related measure. To get more people to view a site, we help with website production as well as management to make sure the site is continually evolving.

Examples of solutions being provided
  • LP gas administration supporting system after filling process
  • Barcode label issuing system
  • LP gas association insurance and licensing management system
  • Production and sales management system
  • Material management system
  • Customer management system
  • Liquor sales management system
  • Personnel management system (web-compatible)
  • Parishioner management system
  • Natural mineral water trade customer management system
     (mobile phone compatible, in use at ing Corp.)
  • Sales and supply management system
OA equipment sales
  • Servers, PCs, printers
  • Business phones
  • Copiers, fax machines, MFPs
  • Office supplies