Japanese Sake Ginjo

We have achieved the refreshing taste and flavor in our sake by using Natural mineral water from Mt.Fuji and rice grown with that water.

The taste and flavor of sake is dependent on the quality of the water and rice used in its production.
"Fuji no Itadaki" is a delicious beverage brewed from the sake rice grown in the same water from Mt.Fuji that is used in the brewing process.

We have a saying: "Where there is good water, there is good sake." Over several decades, "Fuji no Itadaki" has been using the underground water from Mt.Fuji, which emerges from springs at the foot of the mountain, in each process of brewing, from washing rice through fermentation preparation to water added to sake before bottling. We have achieved a taste that is only possible with superb water from Mt.Fuji.
Rice is the main ingredient of sake and clean, pure water is indispensable for rice farming. The sake rice used for brewing "Fuji no Itadaki" is Hitogokochi, which ensures exceptional taste. Farmers grow high-quality Hitogokochi at the foot of Mt.Fuji with painstaking care and a constant supply of clean, clear water.

Born out of a collaboration with "Ide Jyozoten"
a sake brewery with a history of over 170 years.

"Ide Jyozoten" and "ing Corporation" share the same passion for brewing sake.

for Sake
"Ide Jyozoten" originally founded as a soy sauce brewery, started brewing sake around 1850, when its owner realized the potential of the cool climate of the region around Mt.Fuji and the constant availability of pure, clean spring water at the foot of the mountain. Eager to encourage more people to enjoy delicious sake more often, the team at "Ide Jyozoten" is passionately committed to sake brewing according to time-honored techniques, in the firm belief that this is the way to ensure traditional taste and flavor.
Highly skilled, careful craftsmanship is required for sake making. Taking full advantage of the skills of the artisans, we succeeded in capturing the full flavor of the rice and water from the fields and the springs beneath the mountain. This sake reflects the spirit of the brewery, which lives alongside Mt.Fuji.

Ginjo "Fuji no Itadaki"
Matching perfectly with any international cuisine.
Can be savored like white wine.

Ginjo "Fuji no Itadaki" with the appealing, fruity aroma peculiar to sake. With an elegant mouth feel like that of white wine, you will find it has a light, refreshing taste. You can enjoy Ginjo "Fuji no Itadaki" anytime, anywhere because it goes well with all kinds of dishes, both Japanese and international, including seafood.

Ginjo "Fuji no Itadaki" 720ml
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