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Delivering natural mineral water direct from Mt. Fuji
Safe, pure "Fuji no Itadaki" boasts exceptional quality and hygiene control

Rain and melted snow water from Mt. Fuji penetrate inside the mountain. The resulting water is then filtered through a basaltic layer and transformed into clear water full of minerals over a long period of time. For "Fuji no Itadaki" natural mineral water, this subsoil water flowing 250m underground is pumped up and bottled in its natural state. Stringent quality and hygiene controls are put in place from the time the water is obtained right up to filling the bottles and delivery. The safe, pure natural mineral water can then be enjoyed anytime.

Natural mineral water with a fine balance of vanadium and minerals

Natural mineral water with a fine balance of vanadium and minerals
Origin of "Fuji no Itadaki"

The Japanese characters (kanji) used for the "Fuji" in "Fuji no Itadaki" mean "one of a kind." Mt. Fuji used to be written using these kanji to signify the uniqueness of the mountain in Japan. The term "Itadaki" signifies "peak" or "top" to demonstrate that this natural mineral water is a class above the rest. The same brand name is used for the sake born from the same natural bounty bestowed on us by Mt. Fuji, a bounty that we want to share with the world.