Leveraging extensive experience in support of safe, comfortable and healthy living

“Fuji no Itadaki Premium” natural mineral water from Mt. Fuji

Rain and melted snow water from Mt. Fuji penetrate inside the mountain. This water is then filtered through a basaltic layer and transformed into clear water full of minerals over a long period of time. For "Fuji no Itadaki Preminum" natural mineral water, this subsoil water flowing underground is pumped up and bottled in its natural state. Stringent quality and hygiene controls are put in place from the time the water is obtained right up to filling the bottles and delivery. The safe, pure natural mineral water can then be enjoyed anytime.

Providing service reflecting customers’ needs

“Fuji no Itadaki Premium” natural mineral water is delivered by company employees in Saitama Prefecture. We pay particular attention to strengthening communication by maintaining close contact with customers through our own delivery service. The feedback we receive is then used to improve and enhance our service.

Cleaning our water servers and those of other companies

Water servers are replaced on a regular basis with ones that have been meticulously cleaned by hand, right down to the last part. We also clean the servers of other companies in addition to our own. This server cleaning business, which uses top aseptic equipment in Japan, has consistently led the industry in terms of safety and hygiene.

Proposing PET bottles as disaster provisions and marketing original shrink label bottle

In addition to supplying natural mineral water as disaster provision, our PET bottle operations also include an original shrink label business (OEM). The original shrink labels are put to different uses such as on commemorative PET bottles for sale at events as well as in restaurants. The labels can be purchased in different ways depending on preference, including by phone, ordered through home delivery personnel and via online shop.

Being meticulous throughout, from ingredients to production process, hygiene management and producer’s philosophy

The Japanese sake “Ginjo Fuji no Itadaki” was born via collaboration with a sake brewery with traditional skills dating back more than 170 years that sits at the foot of Mt. Fuji and uses the water from and rice grown on the mountain. The sake is the result of a dedication to using only the authentic for ingredients and production process. At the same time, we have started the development of original brand honey, which is gaining in prominence on the back of increased awareness toward nature and healthy living. In our product development, we take great care not only in the ingredients we use, the production process and hygiene management, but we also closely examine the philosophy and objectives of producer and manufacturer to make sure they align with our own.