From a locally loved gas station business to global business

Total support for a safe and reassuring automotive lifestyle

Smile Konosu SS is a “servicing hub” that aims to enhance the convenience and comfort of local people. We provide various services, such as full service-type refueling, car wash, oil change, car inspection and insurance, used car sales and Japan Post Bank ATM that is convenient to customers.


Gulf is a world-renowned and long-established brand of oil boasting a history of over 100 years. Smile Konosu SS collaborates with Gulf, a first for Japan, to provide top-quality oil for a range of automobiles from light cars to luxury vehicles.

Tokio Marine & Nichido

We became an insurance agent of Tokio Marine & Nichido since October 2016.

From development of original brand for import / export business

Original car coating brand “i+g Coat”

We supply glass coating material and leather coating material for cars, as a high quality Japan made product, mainly to Southeast Asia under our original brand “i+g Coat.” This helps support local car businesses.

Marketing operations in Japan as an authorized importer and distributor for adidas motorsport products

In addition to the wholesale and retail of motorsports goods in Japan such as racing suits, we constantly work to strengthen the adidas brand in the motorsports world.

“” new information hub for motorsports

To expand points of contact with customers both in person and on the internet

A bricks-and-mortar motorsports store “” has been established at Fuji International Speedway. The store provides a place to disseminate product information and for motorsports fans to gather. At the same time, a dedicated website allows customers nationwide to purchase adidas motorsports goods directly.

Sales of Gulf oil and original goods

Gulf is a world-renowned brand of oil that has grown alongside motorsports. Smile Konosu is the only gas station licensed to sell Gulf brand oil and its original collections. The goods are also available at “”.

Holding “The Track Day” events at a race circuit

We have supported Fuji International Speedway and motorsports over a long period of time. Now, we hold track day event there in which professional drivers teach about driving technique. A large number of participants gather from Japan and overseas for this event, having gleaned the information from “” and Facebook, etc.