History and achievements, the keys to future growth
1940 October Establishes Maruwa Rentan plant and starts operations (Mitsuo Takezawa)
1948 April Appoints Hajime Takezawa as Representative Director
1957 December Signs special agreement with Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd. and starts selling petroleum products
1958 April Starts selling LP gas
1959 May Reforms structure and becomes Takezawa Kosan Co., Ltd.
September Opens Konosu SS
1960 April Establishes LP gas plant in Konosu and sets up first tank (10 tons)
1964 April Opens Konosu Kokudo SS
1966 July Opens Ageo SS
1968 April Opens Koshigaya Office
1969 March Signs special agreement with Bridgestone Liquefied Gas Co., Ltd. (ENEOS Globe Corp.) and starts selling pure propane P Gloria
1970 June Spins off LP gas direct sales division and equipment construction division to form Takezawa Jusetsu Co., Ltd. and starts operations
September Establishes Kawajima Office
1971 February Spins off SS division to establish Takezawa Sekiyu Co., Ltd. and starts operations
April Starts running PGS data processing services for gas providers
November Spins off LP gas container re-inspection division to establish Saitama Yoki Kensajo Co., Ltd. and starts operations/td>
1972 May Opens Kagohara Office
Starts gas payment automatic transfer system
October Spins off computer systems division to form Saitama Chuo Keisan Center Co., Ltd. and starts operations
1979 October Establishes Kisai Office and starts operations
1980 December Reorganizes Saitama Chuo Keisan Center Co., Ltd. and changes name to Saitama Computer Services Co., Ltd. expanding business by adding an OA equipment division
1981 June Completes extension of headquarters building
August Opens Higashi Omiya Bypass SS
1983 March Changes name of Saitama Computer Services Co., Ltd. to SCS Co., Ltd.
1986 April Starts operation of TOMS24 gas centralized monitoring system
1987 May Completes expansion of LP gas plant at the Kawajima Office (sets up two 70-ton tanks)
Company-wide LP gas tank capacity reaches 410 tons
1992 March stablishes Kawasato Office and starts operations
April Sets up 200KL storage tank and general materials handling plant on the premises of Takezawa Sekiyu Co., Ltd. headquarters
1993 February Opens Smile Okegawa SS
1995 June Appoints Hironobu Takezawa as Representative Director
1996 April Opens Smile Higashi Matsuyama Inter SS
May Starts operation of Anshin Center
1999 April Starts ASKUL business
October Opens satellite office
2001 October Takezawa Group becomes ing Group and company names change from:、
  • Takezawa Kosan Co., Ltd. to ing Corporation
  • Takezawa Jusetsu to ing Home Energy Co., Ltd.
  • Takezawa Jusetsu Koshigaya Co., Ltd.to ing Home Energy Koshigaya Co., Ltd.
  • SCS K.K. to ing GA Co., Ltd.
  • Saitama Yoki Kensajo Co., Ltd. to ing Yokin Co., Ltd.
  • Takezawa LP Gas Ryutsu Center Co., Ltd. to ing Ryutsu Co., Ltd.
  • Anzen Gas Co., Ltd. to ing Home Gas Co. Ltd.
2004 October ing Corporation's LP gas centralized monitoring system Super TOMS awarded the Director's Award from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry's Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency
2007 April Establishes Altus Co., Ltd.
2008 May Establishes ing Corporation eco water business division and starts selling Super Vanadium Fuji
2009 May Completes ing Corporation eco water business division Konosu Depot
2011-13 ing Corporation's natural mineral water wins highest award, the Grand Gold Quality Award, in Monde Selection for three consecutive years
2012 September Completes ing Corporation eco water wing
2013 April ing Corporation Group split up into ing Corporation and ing Energy Co., Ltd.
May Establishes ing Partners Co., Ltd.
2014 October Natural mineral water brand overhauled into Fuji no Itadaki
Issues quarterly magazine "Smile"
2015 April Overhauls and reopens Smile Konosu SS
August Starts cleaning business at Smile Konosu SS
October Installs Japan Post Bank ATM
2016 April Appoints Kenji Susa as President & CEO
Appoints Hironobu Takezawa as Chairman of the Board
May Opens Machida Office, Nishi Kanto Branch
October Establishes Smile Shaken Center
Starts business as insurance agent for Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd.
2017 February Starts exporting chemical products
June Starts as authorized importer and distributor for adidas motorsport
2018 April Establishes T-Ship Inc.
Opens motorsports “antenna shop” inside Fuji International Speedway/td>
August Starts selling Fuji no Itadaki Premium natural mineral water